Islamic Blueprint – Financial Jihad

Islam is a complete system of living, which has rules, recommendations and prohibitions to organise a Muslims life which all believers must follow. The system incorporates the Qur’an and the Sunnah of Muhammad into the Islamic law, Shari’ah. All Muslims are ordered by Allah in the Qur’an to refer any disputes to Allah and his… Continue reading Islamic Blueprint – Financial Jihad

Islamic Blueprint – Killing children in Islam

On 22nd May 2017, four days before Ramadan, there was a Jihad attack at concert in Manchester, UK, where mainly young girls and most likely a guardian would be attending. At this present time it’s reported 22 people are dead and over 100 injured, many in intensive care, the youngest person who died was an… Continue reading Islamic Blueprint – Killing children in Islam

Islamic Blueprint – Thou Shalt Not Kill? 

Truth-telling about the systemic violence within Islam can often be a challenge, because the Qur’an contains seemingly peaceful verses. These verses have been later abrogated, or are commonly cited out of context, by deceptive Muslims and by misinformed non-Muslims.  Some of the defenders of Islam are well meaning and have good intentions. If we look closer,… Continue reading Islamic Blueprint – Thou Shalt Not Kill? 

Islamic Blueprint; The Sunnah

The Sunnah within Islam, means path or way.  The Sunnah are deeds attributed to Muhammad, the four rightly guided caliphs and close companions at the time.  The deeds can be obligatory, permissible, prohibitions, recommended, voluntary, or disliked.  The Established Sunnah The established Sunnah is the traditions which have been passed down generations of Muslims and are… Continue reading Islamic Blueprint; The Sunnah

Islamic Blueprint – The Ahmadiyya Sect

Thirty years following the peak of violence of the Indian Rebellion, Muslims were at their weakest since the Mughuls invaded India over 500 years prior to this.  The rebellion saw thousands of British Christians, Hindus and Muslims slaughtered on all fronts. Due to the decline of the Mughul Empire and the later dissolution of the… Continue reading Islamic Blueprint – The Ahmadiyya Sect

Islamic Blueprint – The Call to Prayer

Recently within the UK, a petition was submitted to Parliament to allow the call to prayer to sound from Mosques all over the UK.  The government responded to the petition: “Anyone wishing to discuss public calls to worship should speak to their local authority.”  The government didn’t respond favorably to the national request for the… Continue reading Islamic Blueprint – The Call to Prayer