The push for Islam by ‘moderates’ in the West

If you live in a western land, you’ve most likely heard of “moderates”.

In fact, this is what we are told Islam is, moderate. It seems to be able to miraculously transform itself when it crosses a border into the west.

If Islam was moderate we wouldn’t see pushes through secular legislation for propagation and public displays of worship of Islam, mosques, state funded and Independent Islamic schools, madrasas, halal food, halal certification, or Islam taught and propagated in your child’s secular school.
We wouldn’t see pushes to curtail, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, opinions, criticism or questioning of Islam.

There would be no need to push for those things above, as by the laws of Islam they would be the law of the land, Halal or Haram.

No permission would be needed for mosques, Islamic schools, madrasas or halal food as they would be funded and/or established by the Islamic government.

There would be no need for halal certification as Muslims would be required to pay Zakat and it would be enforced by the Islamic government.

Read about Zakat here.

Non-Muslims would be required to pay Jizyah, the payment a non-Muslim makes to rent their right to live for one year, plus Kharaj which is a land tax.

Islam would be taught in your child’s school, your child would be in an Islamic school, secular schools would be abolished, there would be no choice.

Jihad, or terrorism – as people call it – would be permitted to ensure the shari’ah is adhered to.

Read about Jihad here.

The taking of non-Muslim women for sexual purposes would be permitted.

Read about right hand possession here.

Muslim women would be confined to home unless for necessities and only allowed out by her husbands or Mahrams permission.

Persecution of non-Muslims would be rife as a non-Muslim is not permitted to defend themselves against a Muslim and have no right to be a witness against a Muslim in an Islamic court.

Freedom of worship would consist of Muslims being able to practice their faith in the open and others (Christians and Jews) confined to the restrictions of practising their faith behind closed doors, and that’s if they are lucky.

Atheists, and people of other faiths would have no right to live.

Apostates, adulterers and gays would be killed.

Freedom of speech, expression, opinion, criticism and questioning about any of this would not be permitted.

We don’t live under an Islamic government in the West, this means most people do not see true Islam, they see a watered down version, but there is always a push for more.

Why would there need to be a constant push for more Islam, unless it was to establish the true Islam?

So is it moderate to push to establish more Islam in western lands?

© Islamic Blueprint-JA Statham 2018


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3 Comments Add yours

  1. JP Sundharam says:

    1st Islam is not extreme or even extremism since it is a cult of depravity, destruction and death.
    2nd Islam is not radical. There is nothing in Islam that is radically new or innovative in its teachings.
    3rd People need to first give up the idea that Islam means peace when it actually means submission – like that of a slave to its master… Doing that would be extremely radical for those who think Islam is a religion!


  2. Derek Brookes says:

    Outstanding as usual JAStatham


    1. JA Statham says:

      Thank you very much. Any ideas, pass my way.


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