Punish a Muslim day – The Tally

Yesterday it was apparently “Punish a Muslim day”.
I’m sure many people waited in anticipation to hear about verbal or physical attacks on Muslims, or even attacks on their places of worship by what is termed as the “far right”.

Apparently, Mecca was even a target.

Many subdued and indoctrinated people gathered around Newcastle central mosque and formed a ring to protect the mosque.

Many people tweeted, made posts and videos on social media to show support to Muslims. Somebody even launched a “Love a Muslim Day” campaign, which was trending on twitter.

However, people were looking in the wrong places, because the tally for injuries and fatalities on Punish a Muslim day were as follows.

Afghanistan – The brother of a secular lawmaker was shot dead by the Taliban, following this someone was also shot dead at a mosque.

Iraq – One woman killed and three children injured (they later died) after THE ISLAMIC STATE fired mortars on civilians.

(Reported 3/4/2018)

In comparison to last year (3rd April), they were relatively well behaved, as eighty-one people in six countries – one being Russia – were killed on that day (plus the jihadis) as a result of jihad.

However, a life is a life, and even if one is lost it’s very precious and nobody deserves to be attacked or killed because they don’t conform to an ideology, or in its fullest interpretation.

Maybe they were having a rest, because the day before, twenty-two people were killed in four countries as a result of jihad.

More attacks will probably come to light as a result of jihad yesterday, as that is the real threat and the statistics prove it.

The ring of steel formed around Newcastle mosque could seem touching to some, but did anyone tell the ones doing so the mosque is a Salafi mosque?

So far, I’ve not heard of any Muslims being killed by the “far right” as a result of punish a Muslim day.

But then again non-Muslims don’t believe this is the word of their god.

So let those fight in the cause of Allah who sell the life of this world for the Hereafter. And he who fights in the cause of Allah and is killed or achieves victory – We will bestow upon him a great reward. (4/74)

© Islamic Blueprint-JA Statham 2018


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