The Tour Guide

Every night out on the town,
Blending in the crowd,
Brushing up their technique,
Picking off the young female weak,
Police are around,
They just stand back and watch the hunting ground,
Young men waiting in the wings,
Like they are stalking for a kill,
Take them back for their brothers,
Until they’ve all had their fill,

Hi girls, how are you doing?

Him walking by their side,
Pursuing and offering to be their tour guide,

We are just seeing what’s down this road, looking for a decent bar,
We don’t know round here…

He now stepped it up a gear,

Yeah I do, great place to chill, it’s not too far, it’s just down here,

He makes a call,
Speaking in Arabic,
But no reason to believe they are being tricked,
He’s just being nice?
But they are fooled by a guise,
One perfected,
In order to entice,
They walked for a while,
Not even a chore,
He charmed them,
He wasn’t hostile.

It’s a bit quiet down here,

A car then pulls up to the rear…

Right ladies, here’s our chauffeur!

Holds the door open and ushers,
Onto the back seat,
Door slams shut,
Tunes banged up and off the car screeched,

Whispering to her friend,
Where are we going, do you know?
Nah, but he seems nice, let’s just go with the flow,

So girls, we are taking you to a party, you look like fun kind of girls,
There will be drink, weed and some pills…

Pulls up outside a house,
One beginning to have doubts,
Whispers to her friend,
I have a bad feeling about this, it’s not nice round here,
It’s dark and dingy!
Oh shush let’s just have some fun,
Chill out!
You are always whinging!

Takes them down an alley and straight in the back door,
It was full of men,
There were five,
Maybe more!

I will leave it here,
The details would be too upsetting,
But the people you are hanging out with…
Are you giving them a good vetting?

© Islamic Blueprint-JA Statham 2018


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