What do we hear?

“Islam isn’t an issue in our lands”,

they just want to live peacefully
and not carry out the commands,
they just want their
mosques, madrassas, halal food,
not to mention segregation
and their burqa clad lasses.
they want polygamy…
they changed the law for bigamy,
they have their quasi-legal system
Question that?
“It’s our culture and customs”,
however, its from Allah and Muhammad,
until the last day,
that is the law,
you don’t get a say.

They want Islam taught to our kids,
and for them to go to masjids,
lies they are forced to swallow,
and forget San Bernadino, Paris, Manchester and Orlando,
put out of their head,
London, Brussels, Berlin, Melbourne,
and all of the other infidel dead,
there’s too many to list,
I’ve not even started on the east,
If that was taught,
kids would know Islam is not the path to walk,
what is taught in our schools?
That Islam is peace,
they are lies on your TV,
Islam is misrepresented,
forget everything you have read,
Teacher completed a short course,
but never even went back to the source.

They teach Muhammad, the children can’t draw,
the real reason for that, they omit or ignore,
saying it’s disrespectful and will offend,
then contradict,
by not even mentioning these events.

It must be at the back of their minds?
Or is this Indoctrination so deeply enshrined?
Charlie Hebdo?
That was over a sketch,
why is it that, they don’t address?

So they tell your children,
don’t draw Muhammad, or even Allah,
it offends,
the history and belief they will continue to bend.

They are teaching Shari’ah,
with that will come compliance,
the punishment is death,
but they won’t go that much in depth,
it is called blasphemy,
on that Muslims agree,
they got what was coming,
and what they deserved,
but for the Islamic State they did little, or nothing?
It’s not like they were even the first!
“Kill those who insult the Prophet!”
So why are they teaching our kids the opposite?
The cartoons were an insult,
there were protests in the streets
from the West to the Gulf –
Islam is peace?

© Islamic Blueprint-JA Statham 2018


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