The STATE of the Islamic political sphere in Britain

Naz Shah – Bradford West, Labour – allegedly retweeted a fake tweet which said that “those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of #diversity!”

Although this was a fake tweet, Naz Shah seemingly agreed with it enough to retweet it.
Given Naz Shah’s family history, it did seem a strange stance to take, as Naz Shah’s own mother was convicted and imprisoned for killing a man with poison because she believed he was planning on sexually abusing her children.

Naz Shah was caught up in more controversy in 2015, where she shared a post nine months before winning the Bradford West seat in Parliament which George Galloway held.
Naz Shah posted a picture of Israel superimposed over the United States, with the comment: “Problem solved and save you bank charges for the £3bn you transfer yearly.”

Shortly after, a second post was made where she called on Facebook followers to vote in an online poll asking whether Israel had committed war crimes.

Naz Shah said she would tweet Barack Obama and David Cameron with the suggestion and said it would “save them some pocket money”.

Two hours after an apology for the offence caused from posts months before, she posted:
#ApartheidIsrael on a picture that seemed to infer Israel was like the Nazis. It was above a picture of Martin Luther King with the quote:

“We should never forget that everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was ‘legal’.”

Shah also employed a Labour councillor, Mohammed Shabbir, who is alleged to have made antisemitic remarks, saying Russian Orthodox Jews were involved in:

“the sex trafficking trade, demand is particularly high among Charedim, the conservative Orthodox Jews, many of whom are regular clients of brothels. “

Some councillors questioned why the Israeli flag could not be flown at Bradford Town Hall and why the Palestinian flag could be, Shabbir then wrote:

“Many here in Bradford would be nauseated at seeing the Nazi flag or some other fascist with their Nazi salutes and chants. Frankly Israel is a ‘terror’ and ‘apartheid’ state, its vexillum has become a symbol of despotism and genocide. In my view there is not an appropriate time to fly this flag in Bradford. One may ask what could be this time?”

Could it be at the return of British Israelis from Gaza with blood on their hands? I think not. Could it be during the Holocaust memorial? Many Jews and people will question the conflation of a tragedy and crime like the Holocaust with a flag committing another ethnic cleansing. So what is an appropriate time? There is none.”

Shabbir later said in an interview with the Guardian, that the comments were taken out of context.

Naz Shah issued an apology in a Jewish Newspaper and one in Parliament for her past comments.
She was questioned within the Prime Minister’s Questions and then later that day she was suspended from the Labour Party, she was later reinstated.

I imagine many people have moved on from the anti-semitic comments and many may not even remember, but now this week, this it came to light about the comments about young girls raped by Muslim grooming gangs within England.

What she posted and condoned is sanctioned within Islamic belief.
Muhammad exiled Jews of Banu Nadir from the land, they lost their belongings when Muhammad took them as booty and their houses were burnt to the ground. This is sanctioned in Sura 59 of the Qur’an, the exile.
Later when the Jewish tribe of Banu Qurayzya asked for the same punishment instead of death, Muhammad and his soldiers refused and beheaded between 6-900 men.
The women and children were taken as war booty, the women as sex slaves, or any girl over the age of puberty, for Muhammad and the Muslim army and what was not needed they sent them to a slave market.

With the money gained from the sale of slaves, plus the Jews possessions and land, Muhammad and army bought more weapons and resources to conquer new areas.

Muhammad also said – detailed in the Sahih hadith – that judgement day would not come until all the Jews have been hunted down and killed.
Sexual slavery of non-muslim females is within the Qur’an and hadith repeatedly and is sanctioned within Islamic law.

Naz Shah took part in a debate in Parliament to discuss whether Donald Trump should be banned from a state visit. Naz Shah quoted the Qur’an in Parliament within that debate, surah 41/34.

Naz Shah stated the verse meant that goodness is better than evil and if somebody does bad to you, you are to be good to them.
The verse is talking about good and evil, but what Naz Shah failed to say and what would be widely misunderstood by the British public, is that, good in the Quran can only be Muslims, people who have submitted to Allah and will carry out Allah’s orders and avoid what is evil.
Evil within the Quran are people who have not submitted to Allah and have rejected the word of Allah, that is non-Muslims.

The verse is saying that if somebody does bad to you, then to treat them good, because they can be persuaded to your way with kindness.
This is a tactic used to convert, it is called ‘softening the hearts’.
It has a whole chapter in softening the hearts in the Sahih hadith.

A Muslim can be kind to you outwardly, but most not be allies with non-Muslims if it is contrary to Islamic values.
That is also within the Qur’an, which all Muslims see as the true word of God.
The aim is that the person will see that Muslims are good and kind, and that Islam is compassionate and tolerant. This is done in order that a person will convert to Islam.

Another important point which Naz Shah failed to say is that sura 41.34 – of which she quoted – was abrogated by sura 9/5.

Sura 9.5 is one of the most violent verses in the Quran and gives orders to hunt non-Muslims down and kill them.
Most verses which were abrogated were replaced by two verses 9.5 and 9/29.
9.29 is another verse that orders to fight the non-Muslims until they convert to Islam or pay the jizyah.

In the 2017 elections, Naz Shah stood against Salma Yaqoob for the Bradford West seat in Parliament.
Salma Yaqoob was previously a councillor in Sparkbrook, Birmingham from 2006, she won that seat with 49.4% of the vote.

Salma originally stood for election in 2005, with the Respect party in Sparkbrook and Small Heath where she came second with 27.5% of the vote. During her time within the Respect party, Salma was vice chairman and Party leader.

Salma then went on to join the Independent Party and a compete for the Bradford West seat in Parliament in 2017.

Salma refused to stand at a Birmingham City Council meeting for a standing ovation for Afghanistan veteran Lance Corporal Matthew Croucher.
Salma has described the 7/7 attacks in London as reprisals against the war in Iraq, she held a rally before an EDL protest with UAF/SWP in 2009 and chanted “whose streets, our streets”.

Salma Yaqoob.

The soldiers of Allah and the alt left were so pumped up by the speech she made that day there were riots on the streets of Birmingham.

Salma also supported the “free the Yemen 7” campaign.
She is leader of Birmingham’s “Stop the war” campaign group and has supported jihad in Chechnya in the past.

She is a speaker at Birmingham Central mosque which has had extremist preachers speak there.
Muhammad Afzal, a Labour councillor and Chair of Birmingham Central Mosque was forced to resign as Birmingham Lord Mayor elect, when it emerged through recordings that he had called Cameron – Prime Minister of the UK at the time – an Islamophobe and also Muhammad Afzal opposed the government anti extremism campaign ‘Respect’.

Afzal was recorded saying:

“I think the Prime Minister is an Islamophobe, he never talks about anything but Muslims. It is ridiculous that the government is saying Muslims are becoming radicalised. David Cameron says 500 people have gone to Syria to become radicalised, but where is the evidence? And out of a population of three million Muslims in the UK, what kind of percentage is that? The government wants to inspect madrassas, which is racist. Ofsted are losing their neutrality and what we’ll find is that madrassas will be closing down under this legislation which is totally ridiculous.”

After resigning Afzal also denied that forced marriage is a problem in Muslim communities and domestic violence happens more to men than women and then reported to have said:

“domestic violence was happening mainly in the Christian community because they get drunk.”

Curiously after the Westminster Bridge attack in 2017, by Khalid Masood, who had lived in Birmingham and had links with people at the mosque, Afzal said:

“There is a lot of anger in the community. We live peacefully together, and then one person comes and destroys it all.”

Birmingham is now the Jihadi capital of Britain. Twenty six of all convicted terrorists in the UK come from within the five wards of Hall Green, Birmingham
One being Sparkbrook, the plot to behead Lee Rigby was hatched there, also a plot to take down a plane in 2006, and financing of 9/11 came from within those five wards of the Birmingham Muslim community.

Salma Yaqoob stood down from her seat in Sparkbrook in 2012 and turned her attention further North to Bradford, another Muslim majority area.

This election of 2017 – with Naz Shah and Salma Yaqoob – was the first time Muslim women were standing against each other for a seat in Parliament.
One was Shia and the other was Sunni. It appeared this brought about sectarian issues which are fairly new to England. Candidates allegedly suffered death threats and intimidation online and offline.

Naz Shah went on to retain the seat for Bradford West with 48.1% of the vote. In 2015 she won the seat with 28.3%.

Bradford West is a 50% plus Muslim population, with Moor and Manningham being over 70%.

There are at least 55 mosques within Bradford West and 92 overall in Bradford.
Sparkbrook had a 70.2% Muslim majority in 2011 and white British were 9.4% of the population.
There are approximately 38 mosques in Hall Green which Sparkbrook is within those five wards, with 156 mosques in Birmingham overall. A mosque in Sparkbrook was also featured in the documentary “Undercover mosque”.

Those are just two areas within England where Muslims outnumber non-Muslims.

Evidently, as seen here, when Muslims outnumber non-Muslims they put Islamic values first and dominate the political sphere.

“Follow, [O mankind], what has been revealed to you from your Lord and do not follow other than Him any allies. Little do you remember.” (Qur’an, 7/3)

© Islamic Blueprint-JA Statham 2018


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