White flag

You’ve seen it in the news,
The land said to be occupied,
Did you look,
And see how they were treated there,
In times gone by?

Muslim land they say,
It was taken by them,
And is now fay,
By the same rules,
That should apply to Spain,
And others too,
Allah granted it,
And you they will subdue.

The Muslim armies –
Gathered on the borders,
Ready to attack from all quarters,
And into their lands –
the soldiers advanced,
If they surrendered –
they had a chance,
The natives never knew what they were facing,
But a bloodbath for them,
Was awaiting,
Three choices,
Convert, pay the jizyah,
Or fight,
The new arrivals brought that plight.

Protection from jihad –
For only one year,
It’s best described,
As a protection racketeer,
Weapons not permitted,
Everything controlled,
From travelling, their clothes,
Even the way they were greeted.
Jizyah is fay,
Down on their knees when they paid,
Treated with disrespect,
The Islamic state subjects.

Given protection,
But nothing could they question,
No rights in an Islamic court,
Worn down until they did exhaust,
Easier to convert to the Deen,
The benefits for that could then be reaped,
Children bred from slaves,
Some, went onto be leaders of the Caliphate,
Muslim by birth,
No need for them to convert.

Dawah, the call to Islam,
The same pattern in all lands,
From the Middle East, Africa,
India and Asia,
Persia, the Med to the Caucasia,
Three choices,
Convert, fight, or subjugation,
That is Allah’s,
Special invitation.

© Islamic Blueprint-JA Statham 2018


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