The Blueprint

The Qur'an
Revealed over a 23 year span
That's what they say
They also say 
They are orders
Until the last day
Anyone who doesn't take heed
They are doomed, 
That is agreed. 

The Qur'an
Understand the plan
It's not in order
It goes like this
Longer chapters first
Then they get shorter
Except for the first
The one most rehearsed
Said in every prayer
It tells all followers to beware
Of Allah's anger
If they associate with you, 
The kafir. 

The Qur'an
It explains every attack
Your Muslim friend? 
Did you know it orders to pretend? 
To get you onside 
Then you will comply
It contradicts? 
Understand what came last, 
That is the trick. 

It looks innocent? 
But carry on
Read the Qur'an content
It doesn't make sense? 
That's because
It doesn't explain events
A one way conversation 
The Qur'an is a small part, 
The rest is immense. 

Try the tafsir
It will then become clear
Written by the scholars
Your mind will be less boggled
Decrypting every verse
Why are people averse? 
You will then see, 
That I can pretty much guarantee. 

The Qur'an
No it won't put you in a trance 
Want to dip in and out? 
Try the hadith
Those are the accounts
Of the example
The one they say is good
But was a tyrant
And a rapist
And he said to them obey it. 

Follow my Sunnah
For I am the Warner
That one way conversation? 
The remainder of the revelation 
His pattern to be followed
And again, 
The one not to oppose.
The one you can't draw, 
Or call him a fraud. 

Read something else instead? 
I get that
But you need to understand 
It orders to behead… 
That is taboo? 
Is it starting to make sense? 
Or is history still a defence?
Or don't you care what is enclosed? 
This doesn't matter I suppose? 
There are orders to 
Chop off your hands
And feet
Those jihadis you see
They are following the decrees, 
For the god they all want to please. 

The Qur'an
It is part of the path
To avoid Allah's wrath
Those prayers every day? 
It says to obey
Allah can't be angry
But what causes that? 
This is a fact 
That's you
When you disagree
So what does Allah suggest? 
To kill those who Allah detests.

The Qur'an
You now want to burn it? 
No point
They rehearsed it
Just make sure you learn it.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. JP Sundharam says:

    This is really a wonderful poem. Loved every line…
    The jihadi who commits terror in the name of Allah and devout and not so devout Muslims who seek to built an image of ‘sugar and spice’ all operate using the same play book trilogy of Quran+Sira+Hadith. There is nothing radical in that trilogy when it conveys the hate of Allah for the Kafir.
    What is actually radical is that almost all of us Kafirs (and a majority of Muslims) were suckered into thinking that Islam is just another religion while actually it is no more and no less than a cult of depravity, destruction and death.
    Islam is a wolf in lamb’s clothing. A snake posing as an earthworm. The discovery of the facts of Islam can be radically life transforming.


  2. Wendy says:

    Well written and very informative.

    Liked by 1 person

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