That was then ; This is now. 

There was a man called Muhammad,
He decided the pagans were being misled,
He had a quiet place,
It was a cave, where he would meditate…

Something pressed his chest,
He couldn’t breathe,
It expressed.

In the name of your Lord…

He ran as fast as he could,
To talk to his wife,
He needed to escape,
He was in distress,
Believing he was possessed.

His wife said,
My uncle is learned,
He will know best,
Let’s get him over,
He will quell your concern.

That first night and times that followed,
Wanting to throw himself off a cliff,
His wife believed he had a gift,
So from that, he did desist,
The visits continued,
Some said the pagans were doomed…

Few knew at first,
Only family and slaves were immersed.

Years passed,
He announced what he had heard,
The pagans felt disrespected and betrayed,
They tried to persuade,
Insistent of the one god Allah.

The pagan idols were to be denounced,
Only the revelations would count.

The idols of the Ka’ba,
Inside a big black cube,
The 360 gods,
Where previously where was little dispute

Not coming to a resolution,
The pagans tried boycotts, even excluding,
Muhammad and converts migrated to Yathrib,
Stating the pagans were plotting to kill him.

Welcomed with open arms,
With that came Muhammad’s terms,
By recruiting helpers,
They gave him protection and shelter,
They would fight in his battles,
For that they would gain chattels.

Terrorising the pagans,
Preventing them from running trade routes,
This came to battle,
Then another,
The matter needed settled…

Jews and Christians were told
he had been sent as Warner,
If they listened to him, they could avoid eternal torture,
Believing he was a false prophet,
This made them a target,
Ordering his army to deport, exhort, enslave and kill,
Because Allah’s revelations will be fulfilled.

An army of ten thousand marched onto Mecca…

He had returned to his birthplace,
To claim Islam’s place,
He destroyed the idols, struck terror into the hearts,
And for the pagans own survival, they took the Shahada,
And they handed over the Ka’ba.

Twenty three years passed,
The significant visits were the last,
By the time Muhammad died,
In Arabia,
All of his laws had been applied,
The revelations and traditions were later compiled,
Anyone who rejected, or defied,
They would be punished or have to fight,
Until the verses of the Qur’an,
They do recite.

© Islamic Blueprint-JA Statham 2018


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    1. JA Statham says:

      Thank you very much

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  1. Roxanne says:

    So well written. Very thought provoking. Keep up the great work J.


  2. Excellent !!! Love reading your verses.


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