Practice Makes Perfect

If people understood
What Islam was. 
There wouldn't be
Two thousand mosques
And there certainly
Wouldn't be
Halal food in the shops.
Islam wouldn't be taught
In your child's school,
Segregation wouldn't be starting
At our swimming pools.
There wouldn't be madrassas
Popping up all over the country
And past politicians
Wouldn't have allowed polygamy.
There wouldn't be FGM,
Or our girls raped
By gangs of Muslim men.

There wouldn't be shari'ah courts, 
And silencing our speech
Wouldn't be enforced.
There wouldn't be
Shari'ah finance
In the banks,
There wouldn't be
Where they hang out in packs. 

Their population nearly doubles
Every decade
And with that growth
Our legislation
They work
To gradually change.

Under the guise of a religion
Their infiltration
Is done with precision.
Every generation
For 1400 years,
Bringing people to Islam
Has been a Muslim's life career.

They've had enough practice
To work out
And perfect their tactics,
To fool
And convert
The masses.

And for Allah's to be,
The only word.
Islam's code of law,
That is the mission
It's a complete life system.
Rules for all people
The life you live now,
Would be illegal.
Imagine living in Nigeria,
Or Pakistan.
Maybe then you could understand? 

Can you criticise Islam now?
So in an Islamic state
Do think it would be allowed? 

It might not be the “radicals”
It could be a surprise
What makes us fall
It could be the ones
Who appeared to befriend,
Because on your
And co-operation
They do depend.
Anyway to persuade,
Even if
With a sharp blade. 

Why is there no moderate
Islam in Muslim lands?
Why in the West,
Did Islam they have to rebrand?

They've flooded in from the Africa
And the middle east
Is it coincidence?
Has now increased. 

The flood
We're on track
To become an Islamic State.
To live under shari'ah
And hate. 

To a Muslim
Only their law matters,
That's the Sunnah
And the verses
In the Qur'an chapters.

One Comment Add yours

  1. JP Sundharam says:

    I like the way you have used the key words to start new verses!


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