The Next Calamity

Have you read the Qur’an?
Studied any of Islam?
The Bible is worse,
That is your defense?
You must have read it,
That’s common sense,
Where is your evidence?
Or is it media bias,
You have been fed?

The Old Testament?
Jesus brought the new covenant,
Jews and Christians –
disgarded some of the old laws,
This, Muhammad did abhor,
But, he had a solution,
He said, Allah sent the final revelation,
Do you understand the difference?

I can’t see,
Hundreds of terrorist groups,
Killing In The Name of Jesus,
Where is the order to deceive us?
Take the wives of Non-believers?
If her husband resists, slash his neck,
This from their God,
Is Perfect,
His chance of life will be relieved,
This is how an Islamic State Is achieved,
The example to all until the last day,
Who he and his men beheaded up to
Nine hundred Jewish men
In one day,
To impose the tax
Of submission AND fear,
Jihad will then be suspended,
Your life extended for one more year,
To expell And take Possessions And Wealth,
To infiltrate AND take over by stealth,
The final Prophet who violated a child,
Do you see any laws like the Shari’ah?
Give “charity” for a future attack,
Hit the wife If she gives back chat,
To mutilate female genitals,
Even if the child is still very small,
Take numerous slaves to defile,
These things in Islam are not a crime,
If they don’t pray or fast,
Beat the child –
After their tenth birthday has passed,
Kill the one who mocks, doubts, or spies,
All your laws will be undermined,
Because in Islam you are despised,
Lash or Stone people
For sex out of wedlock,
Head then caved in by small rocks,
The punishment will wait,
Until the child has finished weaning,
Kill gays in any way,
Just so long as they don’t
get to live another day,
Kill apostates when they leave,
For this there is no reprieve,

Do you see anything amiss?
If you oppose and don’t submit,
Your chance of life they can then
So Is Islam Like Christianity?
Be rational and don’t allow
Our civilisation to be Islam’s
Next calamity.

© Islamic Blueprint-JA Statham 2017


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