The Meat Wagon

They say I am not a Muslim
It’s not in my faith?

He’d just been sent to prison
For trafficking,
And rape.

Sitting in the meat wagon
Mulling over what happened.

You wouldn’t see this happen
With our girls
She was a whore
If it was my sister
I would keep her locked up
She wouldn’t even get out the front door
If she as so much as looked at a boy…
She wouldn’t dare
Him and her I would destroy!

The way she was dressed
With all that flesh
They are for the taking
In the west.

Her boyfriend?
That was my intent
Put her body up for rent
Sent her up and down the country
Servicing my brothers,
And me.

I treated her well
Kept her watered and fed
I even gave her a phone
To get inside her head.

She needed that
For the few times she went home.

I picked her up at the end of the street
Sometimes three of them
Lined up on the back seat
Dropping them at different locations.
I was told,
That’s solicitation.

They said I was her pimp
That’s not the case
They don’t understand this.
It’s simple.

How can I tell they are to be slaves?
When they don’t wear the veil.
Allah will still prevail!

It’s in the Qur’an
They don’t wear it
They are our servants
We need to recognise
Who to leave alone
And who to defile.

There is no dispute
Who are they to say
We couldn’t have her?

When my god and His messenger
Decided the matter.

I will live their laws
My god
They tell me to ignore.

This is what I do to intercede
If they cause me to commit a sin
I will not choose theirs
I will always choose

They say I’m not a Muslim.

It is not for them to say
If they truly think that
Then one day
They will pay
I was carrying out orders

On Judgement Day.
Allah will divide and sort us!

Protesters outside court
Journalists there to report.

The Muslim Community say…

This is not what we believe
He did not do this
This is islamophobia
We will appeal.

Him convicted and sent to jail
He will do his time
For what he believes
Isn’t even a crime.

The protesters across the street
Holding up signs
Our girls aren’t easy meat

Why can’t you see?
They do this.
They believe,

It is divine.

© Islamic Blueprint-JA Statham 2017


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