Softening the heart 

Try it,
Wow it makes me look so different!

His sister being there was no coincidence,

It suits you Sienna,
You should wear it more often –

Feeling hot and bothered,
She began to unwrap the scarf,

Her boyfriend Khalid,
Cut in –
Have my feelings in regard,
Keep it on,
We will take you to the mosque,

Even when he had his fleeting rage –
She always listened to Khalid,
She met him when his family moved into their street,

She’d been reading the Qur’an,
She’d read,
All of –
Ar Rahman,

Not in order,
The suras he gave her first were shorter,

None of the beheading and torture,

She had tried praying,
It was that day –
When her class went for a visit,
When her father objected
he was called a bigot,

She’d been told by others Islam was bad,
She saw them at the protests,

They shouted,


She’d learnt the five pillars at school,
A racist mark on her record
If she didn’t do it,

That was the rule!

Her father –
Of what she was to learn,
He was called in for a meeting,
He didn’t hold back,

He said,

What on earth are you teaching?
She has no religion!
Why do you dismiss that?

For a while he’d left things,
But it was time to talk that evening…

He went to her room,
He thought,

She’s probably playing her tunes…

Sienna, get up off the floor!

She carried on praying and ignored,
He saw her in the veil –
He couldn’t believe her betrayal,

I am Muslim now!

This I can’t allow!

He wept and begged,
But the Shahada
Was all she said,

To her dad,
Her heart was cold,
Her life was with Allah –
She’d now been bought,

It’s now been years,
He saw her again,
In the village,
With the latest bump,
Kids in tow –
Pushing a pram,
Khalid –
Ten paces in front,
Now in a niqab –
She looks so sad,
She barely even gives him a glance,

His daughter,
He doesn’t recognise anymore,

It’s like she’s in a –

© Islamic Blueprint-JA Statham 2017


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