Not in my name

Why, do you say,
“Not in my name”?
When the god you worship
Is one.

It’s the same.

Don’t say you are different
That you can’t be compared
When you won’t condemn
The same Qur’an you declared,
Is the word of your god
And Islam,

The only path
To be trod.

Our government gave you rights.
They invite,
Back your fighters.
Offering housing and employment.
Whilst our own veterans.

Are laid
On the cold pavement.

Our police are now armed
Trying to detect
Your brothers
With those vests adorned.

Will it be?
When they hear yours say?
Allah Akbar!
Or when you ram that car?
Or a truck?
We will know then
You have struck.
It will then be too late
One of yours has yelled,
Allah is (the) GREAT –
That will not affect.

Will you ignore?
Will you applaud?
Will you banish them from your mosques ?
Turn them away
From your doors?

Whilst they were away
The zakat you paid
Remember when yearly?

The ‘charity‘ you gave.

When that fatwa is called.
Will you
And your cubs,
Fight us?
Your neighbours.
Will you condemn?

The obligations you will forget?

Or will you do?
What is permitted.
Within Islamic reason.
And commit against our country.


So why do you lie?
And islamophobia you cry?
We know that’s permitted.
So don’t contradict it.

You know in your belief,
Allah and his messenger’s word is complete.

That is not from we,
Or even,
Just me.

That is from Allah,
And his Messengers

© Islamic Blueprint-JA Statham 2017


One Comment Add yours

  1. JP Sundharam says:

    Deeply moving… loved it.


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