We can’t do that.
It will upset…
We can’t do a nativity with baby Jesus,
And the three kings?

And you can’t put those on show!

No tree or decorations?
It wasn’t like this for my generation.
What about Christmas carols?
Those are offensive, too?
I suppose.

Like she would explode with rage,
As she faced the PC Brigade.

Did you not read the new procedure?
We are teaching
The five pillars of Islam…
The religion of peace?
Oh, please!
The one that’s invading our lands
Mowing people down in the streets?

She was summoned to the deputies office.
Her beliefs she would not compromise.

I know I said that
I was annoyed
Christmas had been scrapped.
It was not like this in my day
Why can’t we just do?
The traditional Nativity Play
Is not,

Politically correct!
And I would appreciate it,
If you showed some respect!
If you go any further
What you say cannot be undone
I will give you chance
To show some decorum.

I’m glad I’ve got you here,
The new curriculum?
We must teach the children –
Islam they must not fear.
With all the terror
We must show
They will stand together.

Not believing what she had heard
After what had not long occurred.

You must think I’m a fool
What about the girl
In her first year
At the high school?
The grooming gang?
You will have blood on your hands!

We agreed not to mention that again!
That –
Is not,
Our domain.

What about that case of FGM?
How is it that?
You can defend?
And I don’t agree
With that visit to the mosque
We can’t even hang our cross!

This is from Ofsted
If we do well,
Our score will excel.

Why are you teaching –
Their prophet was like Jesus?
He was evil.
Show some respect!
This I object!
He was warlord!

That’s disputed!
Are you onboard?

In all my years of teaching,
I’ve never felt so much
Like leaving,
The children I will not lie to
You will be receiving my notice-
In lieu.

A couple of months went by.
An overwhelming response,
from those who applied.

Say hello to your new teacher,
Miss Sophia Khan.

She will be teaching you,
All about –

© Islamic Blueprint-JA Statham 2017


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Stephen Roberts says:

    Look at London.
    Mayor of London Saddiq Khan says terrorism is part of living in a big city, what about Tokyo, far more populous than London, no bombings, why?


  2. Heidi says:

    This is an insult to all British people you can’t offend Islam but they can insult us I don’t think so ! You fools who support labour and liberals who believe in safe spaces and political correctness need your heads examined they wish to stop us from carol singing as it offends their praying in the streets offend me you best stop that then! Our Christmas nativity play offends you teaching my. Hold anything about a false cult offends me! Our flag offends well their Isis and other terrorist organisations flags offend me but you let them march through our streets! Our Christmas lights, trees and hit cross buns Easter eggs offend well they don’t have to buy them and they don’t have to participate in our events stay at home. You Muslims offend me!


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