Their Possession 

That’s when they rolled into town.

The order of Allah’s troops,
One guarding the back doors,
Others searching homes –
On each and every floor.

Some men shot dead,
The women and children ripped from their beds,
Stripped until half nude.
If their age was in dispute.
Separated by gender, age, and faith,
Assessed for the worth of a price of a slave.

The remainder of men,
Ordered to dig a trench,
When they were exhausted,
They held little resistance to being slaughtered,
Limp bodies kicked in mass graves,
After their heads had been hacked off with a blade.

Land burnt to a cinder,
Like the ones of Banu Nadir,
Possessions taken –
For future sale,
The women and girls violated
Like the Jews of Banu Qurayza.

The Fighters had their pick,
The young and prettiest went quick,
The leftovers sold on the slave market,
Someone’s possession,
Decreed by revelation,
Ordained for the right hand
Of every Muslim man.

© Islamic Blueprint-JA Statham 2017


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