The Announcement

There it is!
It is now commonplace,
The locals hear it five times a day,
It is only a bit of singing,
Just like the days –
When the bells were still ringing,
That was soon abolished,
The churches –
Were then demolished,
If only they foresaw…

Some locals objected,
Some went even further,
They protested,
Their pleas fell on deaf ears,
People said they had –
An irrational fear,

There it is again!
The sound of the Muezzin,
It’s always in Arabic,
The kafir can’t understand –
A word of it,

As the Ummah increased,
The Muslims became bold,
The locals were shocked –
When they were faced –
With that cold,
No longer safe for a late-night stroll,
The streets are what –
They now controlled,

At daylight,
The locals are also disliked,
Women in burqas –
Few people around,
Mainly those –
Who recite the verses.
For the Ummah –
It is within their grasp,

They had nearly fulfilled their task…

There it is again!
It is always in Arabic –
The kafir can’t understand,
A word of it,
But today it is different,
It had an air of suspense,

If only they had foresaw…

They missed the ringing bells,
They soon realised,
That’s why they fell,
That was the tipping point,
When they actually lost that fight,

Was that Jihad they just heard?
Of course not! That’s absurd!
Unaware Adhan meant announcement,
They thought they were being tolerant,
That was their mistake, it sealed their fate.

They then understood,
It was too late,
A fatwa had been called,
All Muslims,
To fulfil the duty,
To fight in Allah’s cause.

© Islamic Blueprint-JA Statham 2017


One Comment Add yours

  1. JP Sundharam says:

    Brilliant… and poignant…


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