The Premeditated Plan

No choice,
that has been destroyed.
Workplaces, universities and schools -
our wishes are abused. 
Sold in most food stores, 
the public rarely informed.

Slitting the throat, 
Allah's name is invoked, 
blood spilling - 
sometimes 20 minutes bleeding. 

Sikhs, Christians, Jews, and Hindus - 
shouldn't even eat this,
due to the way it's slaughtered, 
or another god - 
being prayed over it. 

No consideration - 
given for any other faith,
just as long, 
the Muslims - 
we can placate.

We should have the choice, 
but we're not even given a voice, 
most isn't labelled. 
In restaurants, 
it's just served up on the tables, 
the customers unaware,
but ask, 
most - 
not even dare. 

Compared to kosher to justify, 
but it's not only about - 
the way the animal dies. 
A portion of zakat - 
goes to the fighters of Allah, 
an obligation - 
direct from the Qur'an - 
that's shari'ah. 
Right there in 9.60. 
Thirty one, after the verse - 
to make you a dhimmi. 

Two types - 
zakat al mal and zakat al fitr- 
paid by every Muslim, their business - 
and every slaughterer. 

By supporting the system, 
you are confirming your future extinction, 
as it will fund the Muhajideen - 
that's pretty much a given. 

So it's not comparable, 
to any other faith system, 
when it's a premeditated plan -
to banish your existence.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Eileen Goddard says:

    So so true
    This is happening so openly that most people do not even realise.


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