Christmas is Haram


As we are approaching Christmas, we are seeing advertisements for Christmas on television, people happily buying each other gifts, preparing for Christmas, celebrating and socialising.

This year and years previous, some advertisements have featured Muslims with Non-Muslims, some featuring Muslims as actors selling Christmas toys and buying gifts for Non-Muslims. This year, joining in celebrations, including eating the food.

Within Islam there are strict laws, the root is in the Qur’an and the Sunnah of Muhammad, the laws must be adhered to, failure to do so could result in apostasy. Many Non-Muslims do not know the Islamic laws and could be led to believe the adverts give a true image of Islam and the interaction and relationships Muslims can have with Non-Muslims.

To assist Non-Muslims to celebrate any Non-Islamic festival is forbidden in Islam.
A Muslim is not allowed to sell anything for Christmas, nor promote or help in the preparation, which includes advertising, transporting, importing, producing or manufacturing anything, such as printing Christmas cards.

A scholar in Saudi Arabia, Muhammad ibn Ibrahim, wrote this to the Minister for Trade when it was discovered that Christmas trees had been imported into the country for Non-Muslims.

“We have been told that last year, some traders imported gifts for Christmas and the Christian New Year, including Christmas trees, and that some citizens bought these and gave them as gifts to Christian foreigners in our country, joining them in this festival. This is an evil action which they should not have done. Undoubtedly you know that this is not permissible, and you are aware of what the scholars have said about there being scholarly consensus on the prohibition on joining disbelievers, mushrikeen and people of the Book in their festivals.
We hope that you will issue a ban on these gifts that have been brought into our country and other things that come under the same ruling and are unique to their celebrations.”

Within Islam this is shirk, an unforgivable sin, which means ascribing partners to Allah.

Allah is believed to be One god, to Muslims, which is why the Islamic State use the one finger symbol to denote Tawhid.

The following Quran verse supports this:

“Indeed, Allah does not forgive association with Him, but He forgives what is less than that for whom He wills. And he who associates others with Allah has certainly fabricated a tremendous sin”. Sura 4.48

So why did Toys R Us release this advertisement Christmas 2016?

If you are in doubt, see the following statement.

This is a statement from Sheikh ibn Baz (of Saudi Arabia) about Muslims joining in the celebrations of Non-Muslims.
He was asked about Muslims joining Christians in their celebrations.

“Some Muslims join in the Christmas celebrations. What is your advice?”

His reply.

“Imitation of non-Muslim is forbidden. It is not permissible for any Muslim man or woman to join the Christians, Jews, or others kafirs in their festivals, rather that must be avoided, because the prophet, peace be upon him, warned us,”

“Whoever imitates a people, is one of them”

“Islam is against imitating them and adopting their ways. So, the believer man or woman, must beware of that; it is not permissible to help them in doing that in any way, because these festivals are against sharee’ah (Islamic Law), so it is prohibited to take part in them or to cooperate with the people who are celebrating it, or help them in any way, whether by helping them to serve tea or coffee or in other ways such as providing vessels etc, because Allah says (interpretation of meaning)”

The Sheikh went onto quote a verse from the Qur’an to support the statement.

“Help each other in Al Birr and At Taqwa (virtue, righteousness and piety); but do not help one another in sin and transgression, And fear Allah, Verily, Allah is Severe in Punishment,” 5.2.

The verse following this is:

“…This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion…” 5.3.

Al birra/at taqwa from Qur’an 5.2

Al birra/love Allah

Simply means love Allah, and all associated with him, that goes for his messenger Muhammad aswell and all the laws decreed.

At taqwa/fear Allah

Means to have fear of the consequences of breaking the laws Allah and his messenger decreed. That goes for consequences from Muslims in this life, or consequences when they die and believe they will face Allah on judgement day.

Muslims are taught to fear Allah from the moment they start learning Islam, throughout the Qur’an there are verses littered about the last day where there will be a reckoning of all accounts within this life and the doom of Hellfire and the punishments received there, such as having face and skin burnt off and then replaced again, having hot water or tar poured down throat or ears.

In the below video, Amazon seems to think Muslims can support other religions by giving gifts, plus take genuine friends of Non-Muslim, in this case a Priest.

Please see the following paragraph to understand how this is not permissible within Islam.

Another rule is, Muslims are not permitted to accept or give gifts related to the celebrations or the religion itself, if a Muslim is given a gift by a Non-Muslim, it is not permissible to accept the gift. Accepting the gift is viewed as honoring and co-operating with worshiping symbols, idols and sharing happiness for the celebrations. A Muslim is advised to explain why they are not permitted to do these things with the aim of calling people to Islam.

If a Non-Muslim gives a gift which is related to a Muslim festival, the Muslim is permitted to accept. This is to show friendliness, kindness, again in the hope the person will accept Islam. The term used is “softening the hearts”, or reconciling the hearts. These are a specific terms used within the Qur’an and Islamic law, in regards to relations with Non-Muslims.

Non-Muslims may think this kindness and co-operation means that a Muslim can be friends with Non-Muslims. Muslims are not permitted to take Non-Muslims as friends or to love him or her.

As discussed in a previous article – Friend or Foe – a Muslim cannot take a (genuine) Non-Muslim friend, this is because Muslims had to kill their own Non-Muslim relatives after being captured in the Battle of Badr, when they previously didn’t convert to Islam. Verses then went in the Qur’an (58.22, and many following) to confirm this, plus the ahadith, and it is now in Islamic law.
Added to this, it is not permissible to eat any food related to Christmas (or any Non-Muslim festival) even if there are no Non-Muslims present. In addition, decorating the house with balloons is forbidden, as is lighting a fire or candles and children are not permitted to play any games related to the celebrations.
Muslims cannot celebrate or participate in any Non-Muslims celebration, that applies to Christmas, Easter, Lent, Halloween, any festival, or any worship, rituals or symbols that are not Islamic.

Tesco also thinks it is permissible to take Non-Muslim friends, give gifts, assist in their celebrations, plus eat alongside them during Non-Muslim festivals, where there will be haram food and drink, such as non-halal food, bacon and wine.

Tescos statement in response to people saying this is not permissible, was:

“Everyone is welcome at Tesco this Christmas and we’re proud to celebrate the many ways our customers come together over the festive season”

Which is an interesting statement, as the Islamic text which Muslims hold true as the word of Allah says the complete opposite.

In 2015 the governments of Somalia
Tajikistan and Brunei all banned Christmas celebrations.

The Sheikh Mohamed Kheyrow, director of Somalia’s ministry of religion of Somalia said:

“We warn against celebration of Christmas, which is only for Christians,”
“This is a matter of faith. The Christmas holiday and its drum beatings have nothing to do with Islam.”

The ministry sent letters to the police, national security intelligence and officials in the capital Mogadishu instructing them to:

“prevent Christmas celebrations”
“Christmas will not be celebrated in Somalia for two reasons; all Somalis are Muslims and there is no Christian community here. The other reason is for security.”
“Christmas is for Christians. Not for Muslims.”

Another reason cited, was due to attacks from Al Shabab, similar to the attack on an army Base in Somalia on 25th December 2014.

A decree by the education ministry prohibited the use of fireworks, festive meals, gift-giving and raising money over new year, as well as the installation of a Christmas tree either living (felled wood) or artificial in schools and universities.

On New Year’s Eve in 2011-2012, a man dressed as Father Frost (Russian equivalent of Santa Claus) was stabbed to death by unknown attackers outside the home of his relatives in Dushanbe, the killers were reported to have shouted Infidel as they killed him.
Father Frost was then banned from being shown on Television in the country in 2013.

Religious leaders announced Christmas would be strictly enforced, for fear that Muslims could be led astray.
The leaders stated:

“Using religious symbols like crosses, lighting candles, putting up Christmas trees, singing religious songs, sending Christmas greetings … are against Islamic faith,”

Muslims were not allowed to wear hats or clothes that resembled Santa Claus and it could result in five years imprisonment if any of the prohibitions were violated.
Christians were free to celebrate, but they were informed to not to do so,

“excessively and openly”

Businesses were warned to take decorations down and authorities stepped up spot checks across the capital.
Hotels popular among western tourists also took down Christmas lights and large Christmas trees.

“propagating religion other than Islam to a Muslim, and breaking this is a violation of the penal code.”

Other banned activities included putting up Christmas trees, singing religious songs and sending Christmas greetings.

“But as Muslims…we must keep it [following other religions’ celebrations] away as it could affect our Islamic faith.”

December 2015 in San Bernadino, 14 people were shot and killed and 22 people were injured after two Muslims, one male, Syed Rizwan Farook, one female, Tashfeen Malik returned to an after works Christmas party after Syed had previously been in attendance mixing with his colleagues. A police official released a statement, saying that they believed the motivation was due to Syed being obligated to attend the party, as the party followed obligatory work training. Tashfeen had posted on social media of her disgust to this requirement before the attack. The couple had been stockpiling weapons at their home in preparation for an attack.

In 2016 there was an attack by the Islamic State on the Berlin Christmas markets, 12 people died and 68 people were injured, as a result of Jihad in the way of Allah.

This year in Birmingham, UK, armed police, some plain clothed and regular police will be patrolling the markets and surrounding areas, plus barriers and bollards have been installed due to the specific threat to civilians who will attend the Christmas markets.

Other Christmas markets are mirroring this in the UK, and the rest of Europe.

France went a step further and have cancelled the market in Paris, various reasons have been used. As there have been terror attacks killing over 200 people since November 2015, it is concerning, however not surprising this decision had been taken by Council bosses.

Thousands of fighters for the Islamic State have returned to their countries, thousands returning back to Europe and more yet to return. This is with the assistance of Western government, naively believing people who have slaughtered on a mass scale in the way of Allah, can be reintegrated into western society, by providing housing, job opportunities and “de-radicalisation programmes”, all of which are only voluntary.

One example is Operation Constrain in the UK.

I think it goes to say without discussing, that it is not permissible to say Merry Christmas to a Non-Muslim as all the evidence above is clear that Muslims cannot be associated with anything related to Christmas.

Given the evidence I have provided, it does beg the question why any of the retail companies think that Muslims would be able to participate in, or support any of the non Muslim festivals. This is giving people a false representation of Islam.

Christmas is a time for big celebrations within western lands, it is a happy time, where people socialise and get together with the people they love.
As the Islamic population grows, the things I discussed will become more prevalent and this will impact on Non-Muslims and their celebration for any Non-Islamic festival. As socialising, giving gifts, drinking and eating together at times of celebration for Non-Muslims and the laws which prohibit this in Islam. Plus not being able to take Non-Muslim friends, will have an effect on western customs and cultures which will see the demise of western civilisation.

The UK and other western countries have imported fundamental Islam, funded and propagated by Petro dollar rich Saudi Arabia, with the strictest schools of thought within Islamic jurisprudence being taught in over 75% of mosques in the UK.

The Likelihood is that the UK and other western countries will enforce the rules displayed above as those are the fundamental laws within Islam and in an Islamic state only Allah and his messengers laws will be accepted.

They wish you would disbelieve as they disbelieved so you would be alike. So do not take from among them allies until they emigrate for the cause of Allah . But if they turn away, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them and take not from among them any ally or helper. (Sura 4.89)

© Islamic Blueprint-JA Statham 2016


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