The silence

How dare you!
Take a walk in my shoes,
Just take some time,
Quit that denial!

You say I’m a racist –
And continue to dismiss,
What is a genuine FEAR,
You, just choose to ignore.

The cheek to call me far right,
When gays are put to flight –
That’s only for a man,
Can you not comprehend?
The women get stoned –
That’s what’s imposed!
That’s not all that’s prescribed for gays,
They can get hung or burnt alive,
The scholars couldn’t decide,
They just knew the gays couldn’t survive.

How dare you silence!
You are complicit with the violence –
Of what’s coming to western gays,
Sometimes you really do amaze!
How can you be so blinded?
It wasn’t me that decided it!
You think it won’t transpire,
You don’t know that it’s required!
It is an obligation –
To snuff out “the abomination”.

What happens if you’re mistaken?
You will have been in corroboration.
Your regret will be too late –
your concern will be misplaced.

Could you live with your conscience?

You allowed that death sentence?

© Islamic Blueprint-JA Statham 2017


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