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Allah willed it

Brought shame, 
upon the name - of the family, 
believed to be obscenity.

Dress modestly! You are living in laxity!

Pushing her faith aside, 
she began to deny, 
started seeing a boy, 
who her dad had employed. 
Walking hand in hand, 
whilst making future plans, 
he said they should flee, 
he had family overseas. 
Her dad couldn't accept him, 
he wasn't a Muslim,
wouldn't even reason, 
she was promised to her cousin. 

Waiting for her to arrive - how dare she defy!
Just look at that undress!
She's like a woman of the west! 
Look at her, she's naked! 
Her father -

Sisters, they were silenced, 
until they were compliant. 
By their dad and his brother - 
and even their mother. 
It's family business.
But they knew what they'd witnessed!
That summer evening,
hearing her screaming… 
Laid out on the carpet - 
half wrapped in a blanket,
their dad and uncle -
wrapped her in a bundle.

Didn't they love her? 
Then they heard their mother -
Say, Mashallah! 
Allah - 
willed murder? 
By the mother who nursed her? 
It was then it all changed, 
their relationship decayed. 

Will this ever be discovered? 
They couldn't help wonder -
Who would be next? 
If they transgressed,
the limits of Allah. 

Where was the honour? 

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