Allah willed it

Brought shame 
Upon the name
Of the family
Believed to be obscenity.

Dress modestly!
You are living in laxity!

Pushing her faith aside
She began to deny
Started seeing a boy
Who her dad had employed
Walking hand in hand
Whilst making future plans
He said they should flee
He had family overseas
Her dad couldn't accept him
He wasn't a Muslim
Wouldn't even reason
She was promised to her cousin.

Waiting for her to arrive.

How dare she defy!
Just look at that undress!
She's like a woman of the west
Look at her!
She's naked!

Her father

They were silenced,
Until they were compliant
By their dad and his brother
And even their mother
It's family business.
But they knew what they'd witnessed!
That summer evening
Hearing her screaming…
Laid out on the carpet
Half wrapped in a blanket.
Their dad and uncle
Wrapped her in a bundle.
Didn't they love her?
Then they heard their mother
willed murder?
By the mother who nursed her?

It was then it all changed
their relationship decayed.
Will this ever be discovered?
They couldn't help wonder
Who would be next?
If they transgressed
the limits of Allah.

Where was the honour?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Zoe Bernstein says:

    Knowledge is power.
    I wonder how often this has happened on Australian soil?


    1. keithellerby says:

      Even once is too many.


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