Sticks and Stones

A sacrifice of lamb, and the Adhan –
Whispered in each ear,
Allah! She will soon fear!
Her faith chosen,
For eternal devotion,
Trained – for what,
Had been, ordained,
Indoctrination from birth,
There was no return!

Now she was nine,
Him, chosen –
From her bloodline,
Middle aged – that was the exchange,
And a promise of dowry,
A contract of guarantee,
Her body of sale,
She was now veiled,
His possession,
That she couldn’t question.

Trapped at home,
Like an unknown,
Couldn’t answer the door,
She had to ignore,
She didn’t comply,
She went outside,
Wind blowing through her hair,
Breathing in the air.

At first advise,
Just once – not twice!
Banish her from bed,
That should amend!
She took that chance!
Beat her for arrogance!
With a miswak,
She will come to the right path!

Within the Ummah,
There was a rumour,
She had been seen –
And accused of something obscene,
Confined to home and set apart,
Until it was,
Her time in court,
Worth half,
That was her word,
Then they dug the rocky earth,
Collecting stones,
To shatter her immature bones –
With every hit,
For a crime she didn’t commit!

Begging Allah for mercy,
But she was not worthy!
How could she have known,
It was a sin,
Or a crime?

She was only fourteen at the time.

© Islamic Blueprint-JA Statham 2017


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