Christmas is Haram

As we are approaching Christmas, we are seeing advertisements for Christmas on television, people happily buying each other gifts, preparing for Christmas, celebrating and socialising. This year and years previous, some advertisements have featured Muslims with Non-Muslims, some featuring Muslims as actors selling Christmas toys and buying gifts for Non-Muslims. This year, joining in celebrations,…

Cutting Season

Born, Sworn, Mother, Daughter. Baby girl, Prepare her, Fitrah, Sunnah. Consent? Cutting season, Becoming, Too frequent! Desire? On fire! Stinging! Agony! Surgeon? Slasher! Butcher! Abuser! Arrested? Convictions? Concessions! Exempted! Mutilate! Moderate? Tolerate? Incarcerate! Creed? Culture? Bloody! Imported! Torture!

Breaking the cross

This week it was reported Lidl are selling a Greek brand of food called Eridanous, on the packaging is the beautiful Anastasis Church of Oia, Santorini, which is a Greek Orthodox Church. It appears Lidl took the decision to airbrush the cross of the church out of the picture. The reason given in the press…

Breaking News!

You say It’s a race The real meaning has been replaced. Breaking News! Just take a look at that view! We are diverse Besides, we have plenty of white converts. You say It’s Islamophobia That’s ridiculous When it’s our freedom They want to commandeer. You say We are bigots, But it’s you who wants to…

The silence

How dare you! Take a walk in my shoes, just take some time. Quit that denial! You say I’m a racist – and continue to dismiss, what is a genuine fear. You, just choose to ignore. The cheek to call me far right, when gays are put to flight – that’s only for a man….

Allah willed it

Brought shame Upon the nameOf the familyBelieved to be obscenity.Dress modestly! You are living in laxity!Pushing her faith asideShe began to denyStarted seeing a boy Who her dad had employedWalking hand in hand Whilst making future plansHe said they should flee He had family overseas Her dad couldn’t accept him He wasn’t a Muslim Wouldn’t…

Sticks and Stones

A sacrifice of lamb, and the Adhan – whispered in each ear. Allah! She will soon fear! Her faith chosen, for eternal devotion, trained – for what, had been, ordained. Indoctrination from birth, there was no return! Now she was nine . Him, chosen – from her bloodline. Middle aged – that was the exchange….