Let’s Pretend

She went to the takeaway,
He said she didn’t have to pay,
She thought he was being kind,
She now wonders,
how she could have been so blind.

He said she was gorgeous,
At first she was cautious,
He had a fast car,
He was such a charmer,
How could she resist?
She was smitten by the first kiss.

She used to go to his place,
I’m sleeping at my friends tonight…
OK love,
That’s alright,
Tell her I said hello!

Got some mates coming round,
You will like them,
Sound as a pound!
I owe them a favour,
They said they’ll be over later,
The ones you met the other day.

He patted her leg,
She felt such sense of dread.

She had a flashback,
They were like a wolf pack,
Leering over her body,
After she had some ‘voddy’
She thought…
She had some pills,
She felt so ill.

They said she was a white whore,
And they knew her sort!
She remembered being passed around,
Her hands,
They were bound,
They treated her like meat,
And began to beat,
Her pretty white features,
Even the preacher!

She had to get away…
The lights changed to red,
But they said they would behead…
Maybe she should stay?
She could just pretend,
She just wished,
This nightmare would end!

© Islamic Blueprint-JA Statham 2017


One Comment Add yours

  1. Dusti says:

    Learn her fears
    Mock her tears;

    Make her believe that
    SHE is the reason;

    Think he is superior

    But what she needs to believe
    Is the truth that he fears her.

    Rule #1 – don’t die
    Rule #2 – use his fear to defeat him
    Rule #3 – shine a bright light on the dirty little secret & undermine/divide the ideology…by any means available.


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