Staying afloat 

We said, don't let them in.
You said, but they can't swim.

You said,  they're dying on the shores.
We said, but they're coming to wage a war. 
We said, they would bring the whole lot - 
But you said, you are a bigot! 
We said, they're forming an army. 
You said, we were barmy! 

Who's barmy now? 
It was you who allowed, 
for them to come in - 
and smash us from within! 
With the peacefuls here,
at which we now fear...

We said shut the floodgates! 
You said, there is no debate!
We said, look after our own. 
You said, you reap what you sow! 
You said, we bombed their lands. 
We said, they will bring their commands.
We said that wasn't us.
You said, there's nothing left to discuss!
We said, they will bring their way. 
You said, you need to pay - 
For what you have done! 
But they're sending their sons! 

You said, they were victims - 
the streets then turned crimson, 
It was the city of romance - 
it was you who made us take that chance! 
Whilst people were in shock, 
you began to mock!
We were still mourning the dead, 
whilst they were planning more bloodshed!

It was on Merkel's orders, 
to open the borders.
We said they wanted slaughter - 
and to rape your daughters. 
But you compare us to nazis!
Whilst they're killing the Yazidis!

It's now every week, 
but you are still asleep - 
soundly in your beds, 
whilst we count the dead... 
Maybe it will take your own, to take back - 
"You reap what you sow!"

It's all in their book, 
you could still take a look. 
Don't say we didn't warn you - 
when it's your daughter,
or your own son,
who has THAT gun, 
held to his head!
Will it still all be misread? 

What will you do? 
Will you stop it coming true? 
If we say don't let them in - 
Will you still say? 

But, they can't swim.

In tribute to the people who died in the name of Allah this week. 

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