Islam · religion

The religion of peace

Another senseless attack,
I do often wonder when our leaders will strike back.

Not at first with guns and bombs,
but to deal with the so-called ‘Uncle Toms’.

Who fail to denounce the book of hate,
and the Sunnah of Muhammad to this date.

The root needs digging out – and analysed,
the blind will then see that we are despised.

They would see the Jihad –
is there to subdue,
that is until the will to resist, has withdrew.

An order of Allah,
is to fight until we submit –
even if that means we are blown to bits!

Whilst the leaders fail to see –
the startling reality –
we are gradually coming under, Allah’s decree.

Where Allah will be –
the only rule ; but that’s also through his final rasul.

If people only learnt, about the example to emulate,
and the battle plan he left – to create an Islamic state.

Oh please! some of us, do implore! 

Then you would finally see,
that they declared a war! 

That was not – even recently,
it was way back in, the 7th century!

Only then, will we, be released –
from the nearing submission to what they say is the religion of peace.


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