The religion of peace

Another senseless attack,
I do often wonder
When our leaders
Will strike back.

Not at first with guns and bombs
But to deal with the
So-called ‘Uncle Toms’
Who fail to denounce the 
Book of hate,
And the Sunnah of Muhammad
To this date.

The root needs digging out
And analysed
The blind will then see
That we are despised.

They would see the Jihad, 
Is there to subdue
That is until the will to resist, 
Has withdrew.

An order of Allah,
Is to fight
Until we submit 
Even if that means
We are blown to bits. 

Whilst the leaders fail to see, 
The startling reality 
We are gradually coming under, 
Allah's decree
Where Allah will be
The only rule
But that's also through
His final rasul.

If people only learnt 
About the example to emulate
And the battle plan he left 
To create an Islamic state.

Oh please! some of us, do implore!

Then you would finally see,
that they declared a war! 
That was not
Even recently,
It was way back in,
The 7th century. 

Only then will we,
Be released
From the 
Nearing submission
To what they say is
The religion of peace.



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